A Bowl full of Super

I have to admit – I did not watch the big super happy fun bowl of footbally goodness that was on last night, I have less than 10% interest in football.  I did pop onto CBS for a few minutes here and there to see if there were any good commercials going on, and really the ones that I did see did not hold my interest.  From what I have heard on the radio on my drive in and general chit chat in the office, they were not all that great this year.

I did watch the Half Time Show Brought to You by CSI, LV, NY Miami.  Really are the only songs that people know the themes to these shows.  I will admit it looked pretty cool, the light show surrounding the stage and there were LASERS!  I was hoping that when Roger Daltrey did the YEAAAAHHHHH!!!!  Horatio Cane would come flying in from above, but alas that would be too geeky.  Anyhow, the CSI Theme montage that was to SuperBowl HalfTime Show held my attention for the time that it was on.

BTW – Who won the game, that was past my bedtime

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