No. No. That’s not true. That’s impossible!

“I’ll be damed the boy way right.” Those were the first words I thought after it was confirmed. My mind was racing with so many questions “Is he on a hoverboard? Did he pan handle his way across the outer rim? Did Jar Jar have something to do with it!?!” Fraking Jar Jar, I hate that guy.

Aiden and I watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars pretty much every Saturday morning. Father and son on the couch, in PJ’s, coffee in my mug chocolate milk in his. I am not going to review the show here; I like it, there are some groans from time to time (See Jar Jar Comment), but overall it makes up for the clusterfrak the prequels were. There was an episode that aired recently Witches of the Mist, and at the end of it there is a face shown in a crystal ball.
“That’s Darth Maul!” Aiden yelled.
“Can’t be. He is dead, Obi-Wan killed him on Naboo.”
“No Dad I am positive it is Darth Maul.” Aiden was steadfast, but I had my doubts.
“Ask Uncle Bill, he knows everything about Star Wars, more than you do Dad.” Ouch, low blow kid, but it is true, when all else fails there is UncleBill-apedia.

I never followed the comics, but Darth Maul survived. He somehow lived through getting cut in half (lightsabers cauterize wounds), falling down a vent shaft (there was just a foam pit at the bottom), got out (Jar Jar finds the near dead top half of the body. Thinking that the Jedi may need it for something “Mesa will putta it here ons dis ‘overboard“) and somehow got cyborg legs (Must shop at the same place Grievous does). OK,sure I’ll buy it; Darth Maul was a cool character that went out like a punk. Bring him back in cartoon form (Sell More Toys) and the kids will love (buy) it. This will make for an interesting storyline for sure, but the premise of bring back dead characters is a bit One Life to Live.

I am just ranting because I lost nerd cred to a six year old. I am a proud NerdDad today.

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