The Day After

There is so much anger, heartbreak, hate and fear that came out of the decision that the citizens of this country made last night.
I am feeling many of these emotions as well, but it is time to step back and take a breath.

The world has not ended and none of us know what will happen next. We can look at history. We can look at what the President Elect has done in the past, and what he says that he plans to do. We can look at what the VP-Elect has done in his state and what he believes. All of these things give us insight to what may happen. None of them tell us what will happen.

Right now there is a lot fear of what will happen next. Many are playing into the same fear that got this person elected. The best way that I can think of to handle this is to be present and mindful. Life is happening right now, and that is what I am choosing to focus on.

If we are all collectively present and mindful we will see the signs that the things that we fear are coming true. If we see that the new regime is starting to take away our rights we can organize and act.
If are mindful we can rise up and prevent the future that we fear from becoming a reality.

This is not the time to turn and run, this is the time to take off to strengthen ourselves, to treat everyone with respect and move forward. We have to be aware and not get distracted. We can not be misinformed. We have to look for truth, and start to have conversations. Fear comes from misunderstanding and not asking questions and digging deeper.

Fear is what got us here, and I am choosing not to be afraid. I am choosing to be mindful to the world around me, and change what I can, and if needed to take a stand for what is right.